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智库/Business Mentors Group:

Mike Skerrett   负责澳中投资促进会四川分会成员澳洲境内地产类和农业类项目评估和引进顾问。

Mike owned and operated grazing properties before moving to Queensland and going into commercial real estate as a managing director and owner of the LJ Hooker commercial franchise operation in Brisbane’s CBD. Now semi-retired, Mike has recently completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurial Management.

Mike是一名资深的商业地产专家,从业已有40年之久。 他曾经是Ray White地产集团在布里斯班 CBD office 的负责人兼高级客户经理。 现在他的专业领域涉及商业地产投资,资产管理,地产项目分析。MBA  AIMM MAICD.


John Dunleavy  约翰 先生负责澳中投资促进会四川分会成员澳洲上市,企业兼并和资本筹集等商务顾问。

John runs a significant corporate advisory business, offering specialist consulting services on, for example, management buy outs, strategic restructure, business expansion and growth, mergers and acquisitions and capital raisings. He maintains a specific interest in using government incentive programs as a form of quasi-capital, and in grooming emerging enterprises during the start-up and commercialization phases. He is a Chartered Accountant; licensed customs broker and admitted as a qualified Barrister through the Supreme Court of Queensland.

John是一名资深的商业行政人员,拥有二十年的专业服务和商业经验。他在会计与金融,法律和国际贸易方面都受过正式培训。目前,约翰管理一家商业资讯公司,主要业务包括:国际贸易,市场营销和规划;财务以及税务的资讯,协助企业筹集资金。 除此以外,John还提供企业收购,战略重组,业务扩张和增长,兼并收购和资本筹集方面的协助。

Theo van Doore   西奥 先生负责澳中投资促进会四川分会成员在澳洲境内商业规划顾问。

Theo has been in the automotive industry for more than 40 years, starting his career as a motor mechanic and working his way up to be the executive director of one of Australia’s top five automotive importers. Theo’s career branched into automotive retail where he held a senior executive role in Australia’s largest publicly own retail auto group.

Theo 是一名资深的职业经理人,从业已有40年之久。他曾经是韩国现代汽车在澳洲分部的首席执行官,带领现代汽车成为澳洲销量前五的汽车商。

Susan Prior 苏珊 澳中投资促进会四川分会成员在澳文化交流顾问。

Susan is a communications specialist working as a freelance writer and editor. She has been published in The Australian, The Courier-Mail, and elsewhere. She recently produced a local magazine called Living in The Shires, a popular quarterly publication, which was short-listed for a Publish Award in September 2016. Susan produces a popular blog called Secret Brisbane and regularly appears on BBC (in the UK) radio, talking about Brisbane and Australia, and her work.

Susan是澳大利亚著名的作家,有她编辑发布的Secret Brisbane 深受大众喜爱。她的作品经常在英国BBC广播上播出。 目前她拥有一家自己的公司,为企业提供文章编辑,校阅,写作等服务。

Leo Liu 澳中投资促进会四川分会成员在澳开设公司,会计服务,协助约翰完成在澳洲的上市及各财务工作。



王海洋    Victor Wang 澳中投资促进会四川分会成员移民顾问

Victor is a qualified Chinese lawyer and Australian lawyer. He also is a registered migration agent. Since admission in Australia, Victor has been focusing on migration law. He is specialized in business skilled visa and has a record of 100% success rate in business skilled visa application.


Kristen Du
Auslinkedin Group Pty Ltd Head Office Manager and the Partner of Auslinkedin Group Pty Ltd , Senior education consultant. Griffith University, Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Commerce, Graduate Certificate of Australian Migration law. QEAC senior member. She has over 10 years working experience as international education consultant and services over 10,000 overseas students. She is very professional with the entry requirement and career planning from Primary to higher education of Australia.

澳世联国际留学移民法律部门经理及澳世联国际集团合伙人,澳洲资深留学规划专家。 澳大利亚商务学士, 应用金融硕士, 澳大利亚移民法学硕士。澳大利亚国际教育联盟会员。 从事澳洲留学咨询规划服务超过10年, 服务留学生过万名, 熟悉澳洲从幼儿教育到博士申请的所有流程以及对全澳范围内学校的招生标准, 专业辅导都有精准透彻的了解。可以解决您登陆澳洲之后对于子女教育等全部问题, 为您的下一代在澳洲接受顶级教育资源保驾护航。

TESA 中国境内顾问团队

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吴宇宏律师 —澳中投资促进会四川分会成员商业法律顾问


Mr. Yuhong Wu is a managing partner at the Chengdu Office of DeHeng Law Offices, an attorney admitted to practice law in both China and the State of Illinois, USA. He mainly practices in the field of Intellectual Properties, Corporate, Securities, Cross-border Investment (both inbound and outbound) and Dispute Resolution, and primarily serves clients in the industries of computer, internet, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biomedical technologies, machinery manufacture and franchise. Over years of practice, Attorney Wu has gained rich experiences in IP protection, corporate legal affairs, complex commercial deals, immigration investments, litigation and arbitration etc. Attorney Wu is the Chairman of the International Legal Professionals Committee of Chengdu Bar Association, a legislative advisory expert to the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress and an adjunct professor of College of Law, Southwest University for Nationalities, and has been awarded the Leading International Attorney by the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA). Attorney Wu is a J.D. graduate from College of Law, UIUC. Before practicing law, Attorney Wu had worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Motorola and Monsanto, where he had assumed the positions of Sr. software engineer, Sr. research scientist or technical head.

谭  臻 (Tan Zhen)



Mr. Tan Zhen is a managing partner at the Chengdu Office of DeHeng Law Offices, an attorney admitted to practice law in China. His practice is majorly focused on Corporate Governance, Merger & Acquisition, Investment and Financing, Real Estate Development, EPC, and Dispute Resolution. Over years of practice, Attorney Tan has gained rich experiences in corporate legal affairs, project investment and financing, complex commercial deals, litigation and arbitration etc. Attorney Tan is an adjunct professor of College of Law, Southwest University for Nationalities, and a J.S.D. graduate from the China University of Political Science and Law. Believing in the principle of “professionality originating from dedication”, Attorney Tan is committed to provide unique, comprehensive and innovative legal service to every client.





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